About Fine Make

"Every FineMake design is private intimate process with the homeowner to create a perfect living space by striving for the magical balance between form and function; art and craft; and playfulness and order."

FineMake is Co-founded by Rajashekar Nallu and Samba, both IIM alumni, with prior industry experience at Hettich.

Indian homeowners go through several hoops to create the perfect home, be it with interior design firms who cost a bomb, or retailers who have very little variety yet over charge, or carpenters who do not have the right expertise and machinery to create the perfect finish.

We think there is a better way to do it. So, we built www.finemake.in, a place where homeowners can browse through 1000s of designs, have an onsite consultation with our designers, customize to heartfelt desire, pre-visualize before confirming order, get the design manufactured with highest quality expertise & machinery and have a hassle-free installation.

FineMake aims to be the yardstick of Quality - be it in innovative designs, professional designers, manufacturing excellence or impeccable services. We are committed to “fineness", and just like a fine wine, we strive to create an environment where excellence is expected of us.

By simplifying the process and bringing in efficiencies, FineMake cuts the manufacturing costs, and these savings will be in turn passed on to you, the homeowners. So, whenever you are ready to start thinking about your new home or remodel your existing home, FineMake is there to support you in creating your own dream home.

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